Best Fishing Spots in Bradenton, FL


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The best part about summer in Bradenton, Florida is being able to take an early morning outing away from your apartment and head over to your favorite fishing spot.  The great thing about this endeavor is how many wonderful fishing spots are located in and around your apartment in Bradenton, FL.  All you have to do is grab your reel and tackle box and head over to one of the best fishing spots, like the Sunshine Skyway Piers.  You will love fishing at the Sunshine Skyway Piers because it is easily accessible to you and is open for casting your reel 24-7!

Other Great Locations:

There are plenty of fishing opportunities for you, whether it is for saltwater fishing or for freshwater fishing.  A great freshwater fishing location is Lake Manatee because of its excellent variety of freshwater species.  If you are a Snook angler then you want to head over to Snead Cut which is located in nearby Palmetto.  Another excellent fishing spot in Bradenton is Lake Evers, especially if you are a boater and would like to go after an array of freshwater fish in your boat or kayak.  It’s summer, go catch a few!

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